Don’t miss out Paul do Mar. A charming fishing village located south-western coast of Madeira.

After descending amazing tunnels digged on lava and after the serpentine road, you will then find the little bucolic  bay 600 metres below.

You will see narrow paths constructed by hand some centuries ago by the former inhabitants, to reach the small harbour of Paul do Mar. Here they could buy provisions which were brought by boat from the capital city, when there were no roads.

Finally, at the coast, you’ll see the fishermen houses aligned along the bay, the picturesque pedestrian paths covered with typical Portuguese little lime and basalt stones, the little nature harbour with pebbles stones and some few rustic bars were the thirsty fishermen stop at the end of the day for a drink and a chat.

It is a true oasis situated by the sea, surrounded by banana plantations, paw-paw trees, opuntias and mangos.

Stay there until the sunset comes and enjoy the tasty limpets with a madeiran beer… you will believe you just arrived at heaven.


Helena Perneta (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro