When you hear the name Madeira probably the first word that comes to your mind is Wine. There are however other equally delicious beverages available on the Island! “Poncha” is the Madeiran’s version of Ponche. The regional “Poncha” consists of sugar-cane brandy, lemon and orange juice and honey. Currently there is a wider range of flavours including mandarin orange and passion fruit.

“Pé de Cabra” is an alcoholic drink that mixes dry red wine, dark beer, chocolate powder, sugar and lemon peel. Picture the glass upside down and you will understand why it’s called Goat’s foot!

“Nikita”, named after Sir Elton John’s greatest hit, is the ideal regional drink to have on hot summer days. It is a mixture of beer, white wine and pineapple ice cream. If you are travelling with children there is also a non alcoholic version for them in which Passion Fruit Brisa (an equally regional carbonated drink) is placed instead of wine and beer.


When I started writing this I thought about giving you the recipes but then a better idea came to my mind! Why don’t you book your flight and come try these specialities here with us?

Fátima Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro