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The clock tells us that the new year has arrived, and magic happens!

The sky fills with colour, the cruise ships toast us with their proud sirens and rejoice our hearts. There are smiles and hugs, there are tears and toasts that mix with wishes of health and peace.


In the skies of the city explode hundreds of fireworks of all colours, that decorate our bay each new year.

The city is filled with crowds anxious to watch the promised unforgettable spectacle. Many have travelled here to watch and live this moment.

We broke records with our fireworks. The World Guinness Book of Records gave the honour. Tourists appreciate the way our island proudly welcomes them and shares the arrival of the new year.

Hearts fill with hope for a successful year. Festivities continue throughout the city until the sun rises.

All this, on the best island destination in Europe. Madeira is Gold!

Marbélia Gouveia (Official Tourist Guide)

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Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro

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Source of the Featured Image: visitmadeira.pt