oficial-300x300Welcome to the beautiful and warm Portuguese Archipelago of Madeira! We held Portugal’s highest guiding qualification and chose to work in Madeira. What unites us is a deep knowledge and passion for our country. Come and Visit Us!

Amélia Carvalho

License NR. 854/DRT SNATTI 1787

Ana Abreu


Ana Isabel Faria

License NR.1527/DRT-84 SNATTI 2384

Ana Luísa Cardoso

License NR.748/DRT SNATTI 2995

Aurélia Gomes

License NR.233/DRT-88 SNATTI 2928

Carla Mendonça

License NR.277/DRT–90 SNATTI 2996

Cecília Viveiros

License NR.1101/DRT SNATTI 1866

Célia Câmara


Célia Mendonça

License NR.152/DRT–88 SNATTI 2796

Celíssia Freitas

License NR.1689/DRT–00 SNATTI 4063

Christine Miguel

License NR. 4181/DRT-04

Cristina Passos

License NR.712/DRT–92 SNATTI 3333

Cristina Silva

License NR.1450/DRT–98 SNATTI 2660 

Darlene Perestrelo

License NR.733/DRT SNATTI 3198

Diná Gonçalves

License NR.110/DRT–87 SNATTI 567

Dolores Jardim

License NR.17/30383/1376/DRT– SNATTI 801

Elda Sousa

License NR.23/DRT  SNATTI 2447

Emke Rodrigues

License NR.1412/DRT-96 SNATTI 3849

Énia Gouveia

License NR.2753/DRT SNATTI 4487

Eugénia Andrade

License NR.141/DRT-86 SNATTI 2641

Fátima Pereira

License NR./DRT-93 SNATTI 3422

Geliany Jardim


Graça Andrade

License NR.1325/DRT–85 SNATTI 3479

Graça Lopes

License NR.2251/DRT–13 SNATTI 4419

Graça Menezes

License NR.161/DRT–87 SNATTI 2707 

Helena Perneta

License NR.734/DRT-93 SNATTI 3200 

Helena Teixeira

License NR.1719/DRT SNATTI 1383

Isabel de Portugal

Isabel Passos

License NR.1101/DRT SNATTI 1866

Isabel Valério

License NR.947/DRT–05 SNATTI 3477

Jaqueline Freitas


Joaquim Andrade

License NR.2310/DRT–09 SNATTI 2997

Jorge Falcato


Leonor Araújo

SNATTI  2531

Lina Paula Vieira


Lina Perneta

License NR.177/DRT–88 SNATTI  2814

Lina Rodrigues

License NR.1626/DRT SNATTI 4026

Liseta João

License NR.1903/DRT-02 SNATTI 4207 

Lúcia Freitas

License NR.1026/DRT–95 SNATTI 3552

Lúcia Pires

License NR.1181/DRT-96 SNATTI 3664

Luísa Rodrigues

License NR.1127/DRT-80

Madalena Sousa

License NR.1785/DRT–01 SNATTI 2801

Manuela Freitas


Mara Cardoso

License NR.3282/DRT SNATTI 4492

Marbélia Gouveia

License NR.2000/DRT-04 SNATTI 4178

Márcia Jesus

License NR.4015/DRT SNATTI 4496

Margarida Pereira

License NR.17-24245-1137–80 Intern.102545

Marla Castro

License NR.1274/DRT-96 SNATTI 3750

Mary Anne Freitas

License NR.277/DRT–90 SNATTI 2996

Mónica Silva

License NR.4018/DRT–10

Mª Céu Caldeira

License NR.962/DRT  SNATTI 1586

Mª Luz Silva

License NR.974/DRT  SNATTI 1725

Mª Monte Pereira

License NR.2803/DRT-87

Nanda Nóbrega

License NR.285/DRT SNATTI 3004

Nélia Alves

License NR.337/DRT-90 SNATTI 3018

Paula Abreu

License NR.17/7883/281 /DRT-12 SNATTI 2706

Paula Camacho

License NR.1038/DRT-94 SNATTI 3658

Renke Olieslagers


Roberto Loja

License NR.2331/DRT SNATTI 4444

Rosa Figueiredo

License NR.181/DRT  SNATTI 2832

Rosário Marques

License NR.355/DRT

Rubina Vieira

License NR.4020/DRT-07 SNATTI 4493

Rute Passos

Sérgio Silva

License NR.2327/DRT-06 SNATTI 4443

Silvia Dória

License NR.711/DRT SNATTI 3315

Sónia Pereira

License NR.1332/DRT–97 SNATTI 3772

Tânia Tojal

License NR.03-3093-22/DRT–99 SNATTI 3932

Teresa Costa

License NR.1022/DRT–80

Teresa Ferreira

License NR.1252/DRT-82 SNATTI 2057

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