Here are our June 2018 highlights:

25th to June, 3rd – Book Fair in Funchal  | Avenida Arriaga

The Funchal Municipal Council is organizing the 44th book fair at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre and the Auditorium of the Municipal Garden.

This is a cultural event that includes several activities besides selling books, like conferences, concerts and exhibitions.

For further details about it, please visit the Book Fair Website.


1st and 2nd – Ultra Skymarathon Madeira – 5th Edition – Santana

Skyrunning is a technical mountain race comprised by steep slopes of high technical degree that will surely appeal all participants, not only for its unique features, but also for the beauty of the surrounding sceneries and landscapes of the islands northern coast.

This event consists of four races, of different distances, the Ultra Skymarathon® Madeira (USM 55km 4000m D+), the Santana Vertical Kilometer® (SVK 4.8Km 1003 D+), the Santana Sky Race (SSR 20 km 1350m D+) and the Mini SkyRace (MSR 13km 400m D+).

For detailed informations please consult the link Madeira Skyrunning.

1st to 3rd – Medieval Fair “Mercado Quinhentista” or Sixteenth Century Market – Machico

Machico, a small town on the southeast Madeira, will host the 13th edition of the Medieval Fair known as the Sixteenth Century Market, under the motto “The heirs of Tristão” in order to evoke the historical period of the discovery and population of the island. This year, 2018, the island’s people celebrate 600 years of History and through this celebration welcomes each and every person to an imaginary voyage to the past.

The event is organized by the Secondary School of Machico in partnership with the Machico Municipal Council.

For detailed informations please visit the websites here under:Agenda Cultural – Highlight of the WeekMercado Quinhentista and .CM Machico Events

9th and 10th – “Sopas do Campo” Fair | Boaventura (north Madeira)

The villagers of Boaventura promote annually the “Sopas do Campo” Fair. This event is held in collaboration with the Regional Secretariat for Environment and Natural Resources, through the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Municipality of S.Vicente.

In the venue several regional soups are properly cooked and tasted by the visitors in a panoply of different flavours and aromas. Give it a try and eat like a madeiran.

For further information please visit the website Sopas do Campo.

Sem Título

4th to 9th – Madeira Canyoning Meeting – Seixal (north Madeira)

Madeira Canyoning Meeting is organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal. The main purpose is to promote Madeira’s potential for the practice of the Canyoning, and provide an exchange of experiences between practitioners. It includes workshops and lectures open to the participation of people of various nationalities.

During this event, participants have the opportunity to go through several canyons in various areas most of which are located in the north and inland parts of the island.

For further information please visit their website Canyoning Madeira Meeting.

Saturdays 22:30 – Atlantic Festival 2018 – Throughout the month of June – Funchal

This event is held by the Madeira Tourist Office and is composed of several events alltogether like the pyromusical shows, the Regional Bread Fair, the Atlantic Roots Festival and the Regional Arts Week as well as the Popular Saints Festivities.

The outstanding moments will be the Saturday evening pyromusical shows which consist on a mixture  of fireworks and music performances on each  consecutive Saturdays, at 10:30 p.m. at the pier in front of the Pontinha. These entertaining performances, last about 20 minutes each, and is a unique experience for tourists and residents, that flock down to see them.

For further information please visit their official website Atlantic Festival


Several other events will welcome you to the beautiful Madeira. We add the cultural agenda for June so that you can choose the event that suits your taste:

Cultura Madeira Edu

Maria do Monte Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)


Photos on the links provided here