Qualified and Certified by SNATTI

Welcome to the beautiful and warm Portuguese Archipelago of Madeira! We hold Portugal’s highest guiding qualification and chose to work in Madeira. What unites us is a deep knowledge and passion for our country. Come and Visit Us!

Amélia Carvalho

License NR. 854/DRT SNATTI 1787

Ana Abreu


Ana Isabel Faria

License NR.1527/DRT-84 SNATTI 2384

Ana Luísa Cardoso

License NR.748/DRT SNATTI 2995

Aurélia Gomes

License NR.233/DRT-88 SNATTI 2928

Carla Mendonça

License NR.277/DRT–90 SNATTI 2996

Cecília Viveiros

License NR.1101/DRT SNATTI 1866

Célia Câmara

License N.168/DRT SNATTI 2671

Célia Mendonça

License NR.152/DRT–88 SNATTI 2796

Celíssia Freitas

License NR.1689/DRT–00 SNATTI 4063

Christine Miguel

License NR. 4181/DRT-04

Cristina Passos

License NR.712/DRT–92 SNATTI 3333

Cristina Silva

License NR.1450/DRT–98 SNATTI 2660 

Darlene Perestrelo

License NR.733/DRT SNATTI 3198

Diná Gonçalves

License NR.110/DRT–87 SNATTI 567

Dolores Jardim

License NR.17/30383/1376/DRT– SNATTI 801

Elda Sousa

License NR.23/DRT  SNATTI 2447

Emke Rodrigues

License NR.1412/DRT-96 SNATTI 3849

Énia Gouveia

License NR.2753/DRT SNATTI 4487

Eugénia Andrade

License NR.141/DRT-86 SNATTI 2641

Fátima Pereira

License NR./DRT-93 SNATTI 3422

Geliany Jardim


Graça Andrade

License NR.1325/DRT–85 SNATTI 3479

Graça Lopes

License NR.2251/DRT–13 SNATTI 4419

Graça Menezes

License NR.161/DRT–87 SNATTI 2707 

Helena Perneta

License NR.734/DRT-93 SNATTI 3200 

Helena Teixeira

License NR.1719/DRT SNATTI 1383

Isabel de Portugal

Isabel Passos

License NR.180/DRT SNATTI 2825

Isabel Valério

License NR.947/DRT–05 SNATTI 3477

Jaqueline Freitas


Joaquim Andrade

License NR.2310/DRT–09 SNATTI 2997

Jorge Falcato

License NR 17/7918/285 SNATTI 2731

Leonor Araújo

SNATTI  2531

Lina Paula Vieira


Lina Perneta

License NR.177/DRT–88 SNATTI  2814

Lina Rodrigues

License NR.1626/DRT SNATTI 4026

Liseta João

License NR.1903/DRT-02 SNATTI 4207 

Lúcia Freitas

License NR.1026/DRT–95 SNATTI 3552

Lúcia Pires

License NR.1181/DRT-96 SNATTI 3664

Luísa Rodrigues

License NR.1127/DRT-80

Madalena Sousa

License NR.1785/DRT–01 SNATTI 2801

Manuela Freitas


Mara Cardoso

License NR.3282/DRT SNATTI 4492

Marbélia Gouveia

License NR.2000/DRT-04 SNATTI 4178

Márcia Jesus

License NR.4015/DRT SNATTI 4496

Margarida Pereira

License NR.17-24245-1137–80 Int.102545 SNATTI 2125

Marla Castro

License NR.1274/DRT-96 SNATTI 3750

Mary Anne Freitas

License NR. 1879/DRT-02 SNATTI 4191

Mónica Silva

License NR.4018/DRT–10 SNATTI 4495

Mª Céu Caldeira

License NR.962/DRT  SNATTI 1586

Mª Luz Silva

License NR.974/DRT  SNATTI 1725

Mª Monte Pereira


Nanda Nóbrega

License NR.285/DRT SNATTI 3004

Nélia Alves

License NR.337/DRT-90 SNATTI 3018

Paula Abreu

License NR.17/7883/281 /DRT-12 SNATTI 2706

Paula Pestana

License NR.1038/DRT-94 SNATTI 3658

Renke Olieslagers

License NR.1739/DRT SNATTI 3818

Roberto Loja

License NR.2331/DRT SNATTI 4444

Rosa Figueiredo

License NR.181/DRT  SNATTI 2832

Rosário Marques

License NR.355/DRT

Rubina Vieira

License NR.4020/DRT-07 SNATTI 4493

Rute Passos

Sérgio Silva

License NR.2327/DRT-06 SNATTI 4443

Silvia Dória

License NR.711/DRT SNATTI 3315

Sónia Pereira

License NR.1332/DRT–97 SNATTI 3772

Teresa Costa

License NR.1022/DRT–80 SNATTI 1022

Teresa Ferreira

License NR.1252/DRT-82 SNATTI 2057

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