License NR. 4181/DRT-04
Portuguese – English – French

Qualified Tourist Guide. Portugal’s highest guiding qualification. The training is detailed and comprehensive.

3 thoughts on “Christine Miguel

  1. Greetings Christine, from Montreal, Canada! We are coming to Madeira in December and I’ve started to research our trip. I was searching info about the Museum of the Texeira Family and came across your lovely photos. Can you please tell me if there is an entrance fee to this museum and is there a guide included in the fee? Thank you, Heather

    1. Hello Mr. Abrams.

      I am so sorry to respond to you only now.
      Museu Teixeira is a beautiful place to visit.
      There is no entrance fee and if you wish there are guides inside the museum and they will tell you all about this charming place.
      If you need anything else do not hesitate to contact me.
      Best Regards,

      Christine Miguel

  2. Wonderful guide couldn’t ask for better and Christine’s English is perfect which makes it soo easy to understand everything about this beautiful island . The Laidlaw’s (Scotland)

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