July, 1stDay of the Autonomous Region of Madeira:

Concert at Praça do Povo – centre of Funchal, near Marina and Avenida do Mar

Madeira Cordofone Orchestra – 20h00 – free – open space

July, 4th Madeira Big Game Fishing Championship

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From 7th to 8th July – Regional Folklore Dancing (24 hours) – in Santana – northeast of Madeira


From 12th to 14th July – Funchal Jazz Festival – Funchal – at Santa Catarina Park

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From 30th June to October, 6th – Concerts L – At Quinta da Rochinha – Estalagem da Ponta do Sol

Starting already at the end of June but constinuously receiving international artists until the 6th of October, there were 12 concerts programmed, depicting both Portuguese and international music in addition to more alternative and traditional sounds, such as indie, rock, jazz.

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From 13th to 14th July – 63rd edition of the Agricultural & Cattle Fair – Santa|Porto Moniz – Northwest Madeira

Held for the first time in 1955, it began to be called “Livestock Fair”, presenting itself essentially turned to animal production. Over the years it has increased in associates and products up to the present where not only agriculture and livestock production is promoted, but also the handicrafts and stalls are eaten. More recently, it has been renamed the Agricultural Fair, but it is still the only event where Madeira’s livestock farming is promoted.

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From 13th to 15th July – Limpet Festival – at Paul do Mar

Paul do Mar is a pituresque village with fishing traditions on the southwest Madeira. Also known within the surf comunity, this village, small and friendly, atracts more and more surfers, surf lovers and visitors in general. This event promotes a kind of shellfish very popular in Madeiran gastronomy called “Lapa” (limpet).

On the 15th July – Regata of traditional madeiran canoes – bay of Funchal

The event is organized by Funchal City Hall and the Regional Canoeing Association of Madeira in collaboration with the “Associação Desporto para Todos”. The distance mesures 2.5 km long, starting and ending up at the pier.

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From the 20th to the 22nd July  – NOS MADEIRA SUMMER OPENING – Santa Catarina Park – Funchal

The NOS Summer Opening returns to Madeira on the 20th, 21st and 22nd July . This is the 6th edition of an urban festival with the Atlantic ocean and Funchal as backdrop, the first to elapse for 3 days.  Be hip-hop, jazz or it dances the samba, artists Madeiran, national or international, everything unites at a true tribute party to the summer and the good energies, contemplating the perfect scenery that the Park deSanta Catarina offers.

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From the 21st to the 22nd July – 18th edition of the Banana Fair at Madalena do Mar

The village of Madalena do Mar in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, southwest Madeira, among the warmest parts of the Island intends to promote and to render the due homage to the second largest export of Madeira Island. The mark “Produto da Madeira” intends to protect the original high quality of Madeira products in general by using na oficial  stamp has a visible signo f the banana’s quality. This exhibition takes place  since 2000, by initiative of the Regional Bureau for Agriculture and Fisheries taking place in July. Madalena do Mar was chosen because of its strong production of banana.

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From 23rd to 29th July 2018 – Week of the Sea|Semana do Mar – village of Porto Moniz

This initiative is comprised by a wide program of recreational and sports activities.

Apart from some musical performances, several competitions, boat rides, canoe races, cultural and sports activities will be held, as well as the Sea Games that include the participation of teams from various municipalities of the Island.

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Maria do Monte Pereira (Qualified and Certified Guide)


Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro