“Mercado dos Lavradores” an old building with lots of activity and charm.Large tile panels, the Batisttini faïence of Maria de Portugal, dated 1940 and painted with regional themes.

Inside, a mass of colour, flower sellers in traditional costumes selling different kinds of flowers, plants and seeds.

Fruit and vegetable vendors, hats, handbags and wicker baskets.

The fish market, can be found downstairs on the ground floor.

Stand for a moment at the top of the stairs and gaze at this splendid scene of activity.

Look at the enormous round tuna fish being cut into slices.

Then you will immediately see the “Espada” fish or scabbard fish,  which you have probably never seen before. This deep sea fish looks ugly, with its evil-looking head and big eyes, deep-sea fish.

It is the favourite fish in Madeira and all restaurants serve it in many different delicious ways.

Don’t miss out!

Graça Andrade (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo courtesy of Marla Castro