Ponta de São Lourenço is a 9 km long peninsula which forms the eastern end of the Island of Madeira. At its very end stands one of the oldest lighthouses on the island, built in 1870.

Its desert, arid, dry and rocky landscape, shaped by the wind and marine erosion, offers an impressive contrast to  the rest of Madeira, known for being an incredibly green jewel.

This tiny part of the island is a paradise for geologists, bird watchers and hikers for it is part of the Madeira Nature Reserve and integrates the Natura 2000 Network.

The incredible 6 km (round trip) walk allows you to enjoy exuberant views over steep cliffs, the Atlantic Ocean and amazing rock formations such as dykes and sills.

There are 138 different types of plants here, 31 of which are endemic to Madeira.

It also houses 24 endemic terrestrial mollusks, commonly known as snails.

In addition to this, Bird Life International considers it an IBA (Important Bird Area).

Paula Camacho (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Lina Pestana