A unique experience in a relatively small museum, that is right in the heart of Funchal.

The main entrance , through which we normally take you, is in Rua do Bispo, but we could also use a smaller entrance at the Municipal Square (Praça do Município), next to the restaurant under the arcades.

The collection is in a historic building that opened as a museum in 1955, close to the Municipal Hall (Câmara Municipal), as well as to the Jesuits Church (Igreja do Colégio).

Through excellent collections of incredible Flemish works (‘primitives’), Portuguese paintings, sculptures, furniture, silver and gold objects, ecclesiastical vestments, treasures from local churches, convents or the cathedral treasury, one can see and feel how Madeira, as well as Portugal, were part of the wonderful adventurous world of discoveries.

Through religious art we take you back to that period of time that no visitor to Madeira should miss.

Emke Rodrigues (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro