» 1st, Thursday  

Madeira Wine Rally:

Summer is usually welcomed. It combines with leisure, vacations, outdoor activities and when it concerns Madeira Island we can say it goes along with festivities, of all sorts. Further to that it is known for six decades that the Madeira car Rally takes place every year during summertime. Madeiran population looks into it as a major event.

Starting officially August, 1st and until the 3rd cars will be winding and roaring on the roads of the Island.

Please visit their official website for further informations and be aware that some of the roads will be restricted or closed during the cars passage:

» 1st to 4th, Thursday to Sunday

Machico Gastronomy Festival – Machico town:

As a matter of fact the Festival has already started in July but if you’re coming this month you can still get it. A great variety of typical dishes will be displayed as well as musical entertainment including a national Fado singer, Cuca Roseta and several other well-known singers. Try the Madeiran style and have a great time.

Please visit the website hereunder:

» 2nd to 5th, Friday to Monday

Nossa Senhora da Saúde – Lameiros – São Vicente:

This is a typical religious festivity, one of many until October. It takes place on the north of Madeira, in the gorgeous village of São Vicente. The ritual involving this festivity includes the typical “novenas” [9 masses] and a special mass held inside the church. Friday, 2nd, Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 5th the mass will take place at 9 p.m. On Sunday 4th it will be at 1p.m. followed by the procession.

Please visit the website hereunder:

» 3thand 9th, to 15th, Saturday, Friday to Thursday

ART CAMACHA – Camacha village – Santa Cruz jurisdiction:

As many years before, again this year Camacha will be celebrating their ethnographic traditions

The event is organized by the Casa do Povo da Camacha and, for a week, the parish of Camacha becomes a place where people gather with entertainment, wickerwork, embroidery exhibitions and musical performances by folk groups from the parish.

Visit the link below for further informations:

» 14th and 15th, Wednesday and Thursday All day

Our Lady of Monte – Monte Parish – Funchal:

Please notice that during the month of August many parishes will celebrate in honour to their Patron Saint, like the parish of Monte, which has the highlight from August 14th to the 15th. This day is a bank holiday in Portugal. On Madeira we celebrate and worship Our Lady of Monte.

Visit the website hereunder for further informations:

» 17th to 21st,  Saturday to Wednesday

Municipality of São Vicente – North Madeira

The Municipality of São Vicente was erected as a siege of the council back in 1774. Therefore celebrations will take place on the 3rd weekend of August with lots of entertainment.

As a matter of fact São Vicente has several celebrations throughout the month.

Please visit the website of the Madeira Tourism Bureau:–vicente

» 24th, Friday – Saturday

National and Internacional Folcklore Festivals – Ponta do Sol village:

It’s already in August, 24th that Ponta do Sol receives the 29th National Festival and 22nd International Folklore Festival, which this year is dedicated to “transport”. With the participation of nine groups, from Poland, Slovenia and Russia, as well as continental groups, such as Viana do Castelo, Santa Maria da Feira and Guimarães, will certainly make the day to many spectators who visit our county every year for this time.

The host, the Ponta do Sol Folklore Group, is also honoured to welcome the group ‘Os Bravos’ from Terceira Island of the Azores, as well as the neighbours from the north side of our island, coming from the municipality of Santana.

Please read more about it:


* Several other events will take place throughout the months of August and September. Please find more about them reading the cultural agenda:

 Maria do Monte Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)

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