Madeira can claim to have been at the birth of modern Tourism; It was a health resort and a winter retreat for the upper classes; Tourism in fact really began with the island’s reputation for having a healthy climate! 


Queen Adelaide widow of William IV visited Madeira on her doctor’s advice! And a lot more famous people did the same: Prince Maximilian,  Empress Amelia,  Elizabeth of Austria, Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor,  Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester and Prince George Duke of Kent.

More recent royal visitors have included Saudi Princess,  King and Queen of Sweden and the President Botha.

Reids Hotel has been host for most of them specially for the last century, hosting celebrities such as Emperor Charles of Austria,  Bernard Shaw,  Winston Churchill,  Fulgencio Batista of Cuba,  Marshal Pilsudski of Poland,  Marconi,  Princess Victoria, Gregory Peck and few others.

You are invited to visit this unique place that has hosted the most famous and infamous,  the wealthy and powerful,  the deposed and the exiled of the last century!

Lina Perneta (Official Tourist Guide) 


Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro & Funchal Notícias