Autumn is here and Madeira dresses up with its colours without forgetting that Spring is always around. Have you ever been in a place where the sun meets the rain and celebrates it with a beautiful rainbow? This is it. We have more entertainment prepared for you. Feel welcome:

October, 31st | November, 1st – Chestnut Festival – Curral das Freiras village

November, 1st, All Saints’ Day, is a public holiday in Portugal. It will be a Friday this year. Why not coming to Madeira for a longer weekend and take part in this traditional festivity? We’re sure you won’t forget this village. It’s one of a kind and fully decorated to honour “Lady Chestnut”.
We’re waiting for you to come and taste several delicacies traditional from the Curral das Freiras village (Nun’s Valley) and, most certainly, from Madeira in general.
According to the programme, it will start already on the Eve, 31st October around 7 pm, nevertheless, the highlights are kept for November, 1st after 9:30 am through the all day. There will be a parade around 3 pm and folk group performances too, among other entertainment.
For more information, please consult the website hereunder:

November, 2nd to 10th – Madeira PianoFest – Funchal Municipal Theatre Baltazar Dias

If you’re keen on classical music, want to try new places, follow the trace of unique artists or just try something different we have a good proposal for you: The Madeira Piano Fest in Funchal at the Municipal Theatre. We believe you won’t regret it. The event is organised by the Associação Amigos do Conservatório de Música da Madeira – AACMM with the cooperation of the City Hall. It will start at 6 pm each day, therefore you can profit your time during the day with other activities.

Please consult their programme:

October, 30th to November, 10th – Francesinhas Festival – Funchal centre/Praça Amarela:

We can say that the city of Porto is coming to Funchal because the “Francesinha” is typical of Oporto and very famous around the world as one of the must-try delicacies worldwide. In this case, a group of entrepreneurs had the idea of bringing this dish to Madeira in the form of a contest. Several restaurants will participate with their special recipees and we, the eaters, will be the real winners.

November, 6th to 9th – 10th edition of The Stars Route – Funchal

The Stars Route is a Gourmet Festival and has some of the Michelin star winners doing their utmost to create new pieces of art served at the table. Give yourself a treat and travel to Madeira. Trust on us and book a table for dinner.

Please visit the websites herunder for a follow up:

November, 10th & 11th – Saint Martin’s Festivity – Saint Martin parishes ( eg: Funchal):

Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated in Portugal with new wine and roasted chestnuts. This event is known as “Magusto”. Apart from these, we eat the grilled or roasted codfish too.
This day is the peak of several days, sometimes three, sometimes more, often with very good weather, known as Verão de São Martinho (Saint Martin’s summer).
Consult the website for a follow up:

November, 28th to 30th – Madeira Wine Essence – Madeira Casino:
The Madeira Wine Essence is organised by the magazine “Essência do Vinho” (wine essence), in partnership with the newspaper “Diário de Notícias” and the support of the Madeira Wine Institute – IVBAM.
For a wine producer, a wine lover or simply a curious person with a very good taste, this is an exquisite opportunity to meet with Portuguese wines, with unique flavours, many made in Madeira.
Try to keep yourself updated through the official website of the event:

November, 29th to December, 7th – Madeira Dig Festival – Estalagem Ponta do Sol:

This event is hosted by the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, a wonderful hotel built in the beautiful village of Ponta do Sol, west of Funchal with sessions in different places within the council – Mudas contemporary art museum and John dos Passos Cultural Centre. There will be six days of concerts, workshops & performances by local artists.

For further information, please visit the microsite hereunder.

Further to this, don’t forget to consult the Cultural Agenda for November 2019 with most of the cultural events programmed in advance.

Maria do Monte Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro and on the Internet

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