The cocktail took place on the 20th and we all enjoyed it. Thank you Bordal – Bordados da Madeira, and Quinta do Furão for the catering.

“Bordal – Bordados da Madeira” challenged Madeira Official Tourist Guides to present a table decorated with Madeira Embroidery and inspired by Madeira’s nature: “Levadas”.

Madeira embroidery is one of the most valuable treasures of Madeira and Madeira “Levadas” are ancient water channels that dates back to the first settlements. UNESCO now includes the 3100 km built since the 15th Century on their Tentative list. Visitors to Madeira seek “Levada Walks” for its beautiful natural scenery.

We are so proud of our colleagues Leonor Araújo and Ana Isabel Faria. WELL DONE!

You can visit the exhibitions fourth edition, at the Noble Hall of the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre until January 4, 2020.

Entrada Livre | Free

Marla Castro

(Madeira Official Tourist Guide)

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