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“Who better than a Tourist Guide to make you completely discover, with no risk of misstep, the thousands of paths that we offer you when you visit our island?

Often imitated, sometimes neglected in favour of improvised “guides” who don’t have any links to the island of Madeira, the Official Tourist Guides are the guarantors of Madeira and of your safety.

Capable of answering all the questions and meet all your expectations, they are the real ambassadors of this island that they know and love better than anyone else!

They are often the first smiles that light up your holidays, and the last to say goodbye when leaving the island.

I have the greatest admiration, an enormous respect and a great friendship for them. It is for this reason that, for almost 36 years, I blindly entrusted them all my clients.

“Bravo” and thank you for your Website to the glory of expert professionals and a long life to all the qualified Tourist Guides who fulfil their task with passion”.

Resident Director in many countries during 47 years, from which 36 in Madeira Island, he was granted the Tourist Merit Gold Medal for his notable contribution to the development of the French market in Madeira. Presently Counsellor of the Number One French Tour Operator for Madeira.