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Madeira Tourist Destination outstands through the magnificence of its landscapes, the warmth of its climate, the differentiation of its tourist products but above all through the genuine and pleasant welcome of its people.The settlement of Madeira which was one of the first and most successful European experiences outside continental territory brought to this island people from other countries enriching its history, its built and immaterial heritage, deserving the pride and respect of its inhabitants and the admiration of our visitors.

The Official Tourist Guides have played a key role in transmitting, in an authentic, enthusiastic and professional way, our landscapes, our history, our heritage, the customs of our people, bringing tourists to unique experiences and leading many to become loyal to our Destiny. This class of Tourism Professionals has, over the years, given a valuable contribution to the regional entities in the improvement and appreciation of some aspects in our tourism offer.

Gratefull to all of them.

Former Regional Tourism Director