“Madeira”, named after the Island where it is produced.

Shortly after the discovery of the Archipelago, in the 15th century, Prince Henry, the Navigator introduced the first cast, “Malvasia Candida” better known as Malmsey. Others followed like “Sercial”, “Bual”, “Verdelho” and “Terrantez”.

With the ingenious hands of vintners on the Island and the resilience of human labour in the steep slopes, they will present you with divine flavours, mostly as fortified wines.

Many times compared with “Port” wine, it is, nevertheless, different in many aspects namely the heating and ageing processes.

Famous around the world, it was mentioned by Shakespeare, a favourite of Thomas Jefferson, known to be used to toast the Declaration of Independence of the United States, offered to Napoleon but savoured later by Winston Churchill…

Madeira Island was a Port of Call and a centre of important commercial exchanges. From here, Madeira wine travelled around the world, in fact, it was found, by accident,   that the wine would improve in quality after long trips passing the Tropics and Equator.

Tradition remains but Madeira continues to evolve. Nowadays, new experiences on the field are giving birth to modern and audacious flavours enlarging Madeira’s purpose as table wine.

Just taste it and use your senses to enjoy the utmost of this exquisite nectar.

Maria do Monte Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo courtesy of Marla Castro