Madeira Wine Festival – From the 1st to the 9th:

Among Madeira’s traditions is the wine production, the world known “Madeira Wine”. The Madeira Tourist Board organises this anual event aiming to maintain this cultural heritage as well as to provide visitors with unique experiences, either participating in the harvests or just tasting Regional products like the fortified Madeira Wine, the typical gastronomy and attend to folk dance performances.

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Grape and Farmer Festivities in Porto da Cruz Village – first weekend, 1st and 2nd:

This event takes place in the Village of Porto da Cruz, northeast Madeira island and fulfills old rural traditions rooted in most of its 2600 inhabitants. Many farmers here produce and develop grapes from american casts for their own consumption mostly. They use the same method for more than a century and with the help of local authorities welcome visitors in the village festivities.

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Harvest in Santana – Every weekend after the 7th:

It is a private event taking place in a rural hotel situated in one of the most wonderful spots of Santana, Achada do Gramacho. The hotel Quinta do Furão develops the growth of different crops which are used in their kitchen and served to their guests. In consequence they will provide visitors unique experiences, harvesting, eating, listening to traditional folk music and dances as well as the genuine rural environment on the north of the island.

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Holy Sacrament Festivities/Arraial do Bom Jesus – Ponta Delgada – First weekend, 1st and 2nd:

This is a famous religious event, one of the most popular among Madeiran people. Here, like in any religious event you can mingle with the population and have the feeling of misticism or belief. There is always the catholic mass and procession in honour to the Saint.

General programme:

Saturday, 1st – 9 p.m. – Evening mass

Sunday, 2nd – 4p.m. – Holy Sacrament mass followed by procession

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Wine harvest – Blandy’s – From 5th to the 8th:

To complement the Madeira Wine Festivities, the Blandy’s Company Lodges organises a varied recreational programme, offering tourists and the general public the opportunity to experience and take part in several activities such as grape treading, tours of the Blandy family’s vineyards, tastings of both sweet regional delicacies and Madeira wine, among other options.

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Columbus Festival – Porto Santo island – From 13th to 15th

The festival takes place in the city of Vila Baleira, and features a set of activities that seek to recall the epic Portuguese Discoveries.
The event includes the disembarking of Columbus, a sixteenth-century market with food, crafts, street performances, circus arts, theatrical representations and staging of peace and war ordeals common at the time, games of skill, weapons training, acrobatics and juggling, lots of music and exotic dances, ensuring permanent entertainment and a constant uproar among the various typical characters of this period.

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Apple show in Ponta do Pargo – From 15th to 16th:

Centuries ago, the apple trees that were brought from continental Portugal  multiplied naturally and some adapted very well. Appart  from those, there are others that we believe to have been  introduced to the island by english persons, this supposingly more than 150 years ago. At the present times, after adaptation these varieties are considered regional, they have adapted very well to our climatic conditions and of soil, becoming rustic, resistant and producing fruits  quite appreciated at the local markets.

In this event you can see them, taste them, buy some and attend to other activities connected to it.

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Maria do Monte Pereira

Qualified and Certified Tourist Guide by SNATTI

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