From October 2nd to 7th – Nature Festival:

This event is promoted by the Madeira Tourist Bureau working together with several enterprises providing tourists with a variety of choices within numerous activities which are organised by a wide range of Madeira touristic enterprises: Canyoning, boat trips, cycling, climbing, walking and several others

To find out more about it, please open the link hereunder:


October 4th to 7th – Our Lady of Rosary festivities:

A religious event on the north of Madeira island, in a Parish called Rosário which is part of the São Vicente Municipality.

Please see their programme hereunder:

There will be many other options for you to explore. We present you the October Cultural Agenda to help you with your choice:

October 8th and 9th – Religious festivity of the Lord of Miracles:

In portuguese is called o “Senhor dos Milagres”. This festivity takes place in Machico, a small town on the southwest of Madeira island. It is an old tradition kept alive by the population as a reminder of an occurence considered a miracle – the cross of Christ was rescued intact from the ocean after a terrible alluvium in 1803 which destroyed a great deal of the infrastructures existent then including the chapel of Christ where this cross was.

To know more about it please visit the website hereunder:


October 19th to 28th – Madeira Organ music festival:

Cultural Heritage is often associated very narrowly with museums, archaeological sites, monuments, churches and chapels and so on. Through these performances you will feel the close relation between our unique patrimony and some other heritage assets. As per this exquisite event our organ churches will be played at their best by world known organists. We are certain that the public will thrill in a musical voyage of six centuries. Amazingly the access is free.

Please look for further details about the event hereunder:


October, 27th – European Thriatlon Cup – ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup and ITU Paratriathlon World Cup:

Sports competitions aimed to over a 150 élite athletes from Europe and worldwide. Organised by the Triathlon Association of Madeira and the Triathlon Federation of Portugal. All stages, swimming, cycling and running are carried out consecutively in a total of 51,5 km.

For further details please visit the websites hereunder:


October, 27th and 28th – Madeira island International Swim Marathon 2018:

Open Water Swimming competition taking place in “Quinta Calaça” area, west part of Funchal city. It includes a 10km event, Olympic distance, a popular 1500m event and a 200m event for children.

It also includes two crossings between Ribeira Brava – Câmara de Lobos and Funchal.

For more details please visit the websites hereunder:

And the official Madeira cultural website:

Maria do Monte Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)

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