If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try the traditional Bolo de Mel!

All over the island you’ll find countless little bakery shops with one of the oldest Madeira delicacies – the Bolo de Mel or Madeira Sugar Cane Syrup Cake, traditionally made at Christmas time. Nowadays you can find it, and eat it all year round and if you want, it can be stored as it easily lasts a whole year. It becames more delicious with time.

This traditional cake is made with  sugar cane syrup, very rich in flavours, spicy, moist and sticky. One other important detail – you don’t cut this cake with a knife but break it with your hands.

It is a nice cake that you can enjoy with a glass of Madeira Wine or maybe a cup of coffee or tea, but be careful, once you start eating it, it is very difficult to stop!

Geliany Jardim (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo courtesy of Marla Castro