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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit an embroidery factory in the centre of our capital, Funchal, and understand the reason why embroidery is one of the most valuable treasures of Madeira.

Accept our challenge and you will fall in love with this delicate handicraft, made in several phases by hard-working hands capable of creating real pieces of art.

It all starts with a designer, that creates each single unique pattern The patterns will then be perforated with a needle, guided by an efficient hand. At the printing stage the fabric gains colour, permitting the embroiderers to follow the design, in the peace and quiet of their homes.

Returning to the factory, every single work still has to be washed, skilfully cut and ironed.

After all these procedures, each piece is thoroughly checked  to ensure  a high quality before certifying  the product.

Mara Cardoso  (Official Tourist Guide)


Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro.


Source of the Featured image: “Chanel wears Madeira Embroidery” in visitmadeira.pt