On this holiday, do you want to feel alive by connecting  physically and energetically to nature and discover what it offers you?

Come and join us by exploring an untouched forest which survived not only the freezing temperatures of the last Ice Age but also 600 years of human civilization!

Yes! You find it on Madeira island –Laurissilva (Laurel forest) – the ancient forest of Europe and the rarest in the world!

157 of 1233 plant species growing in Madeira Island are endemic, that is, they grow wild only in Madeira and nowhere else in the world!

Madeira’s natural heritage with its richness, diversity and state of preservation has been distinguished in the World. In 1999 it was considered a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Come and explore the best of the island and its biodiversity by visiting Madeira’s famous “levadas”, paths and gardens, the best way to get in touch with our Mother Nature!

It’s definitely an amazing experience not to be missed at all!

Mónica Silva (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro