I won’t call it Paradise. That’s too much of a cliché…

But nature is fabulous, the weather is fantastic (“even when it rains it is warm” the guests tell me…), the people are nice and the food is great.

It’s not too far from Europe – just far enough, it’s safe, it’s small enough to be cosy while being big enough so as not to feel crowded.

It boasts one of the most exclusive forests on Earth (a UNESCO world heritage), and has been consistently chosen to be the best island destination in the world.

It is part of the EU, so not too much of a hassle when travelling (no visas from most places in the first world…).

There are walk trails to kill for, landscapes that will impress visitors and natives alike, and culture for all tastes. Just get someone that knows the island well to show you around – like a qualified guide, for instance…

On the other hand, why not call it paradise? For many it is just that…

Roberto Loja (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo courtesy of Marla Castro


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