Palheiro Gardens, also known as Blandy Gardens since the Blandy family acquired the property in 1885, is one of the most beautiful gardens and largest private “Quinta”, estate on the island of Madeira.

Some of the most rare and valuable exotic plants in the world grow here, including trees, over 200 years old that were planted by the original owner, the Count of Carvalhal.

The gardens of “Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro” reflect a distinct cultural influence of successive generations of owners in both architecture and flora composition and are a paradise for Camellia lovers, being one of the main highlights of the gardens.

The main garden also boasts an English Victorian House as well as a 19th century old Chapel.

The farming land and forests were transformed into a golf course and the old house, ‘Casa Velha’ was duly restored and turned  into a hotel.

Strong emphasis is placed on the grounds, which are paved in the traditional and characteristic Madeiran cobblestone, laid down by skilled master craftsmen.

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Maria do Céu Caldeira (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo courtesy of Céu Caldeira, Graça Andrade and Marla Castro