Would you like to feel the real Nature, surrounded by “singing” birds and “dancing” butterflies?

There are many ways to discover the Mother Nature and one of the best ways is walking.

One day walk gives you the opportunity to explore the fauna of Madeira. I would recommend you one of the oldest water channels – “Levada do Alecrim or Levada Velha” in the western part of the island.

Along this walk you can find birds included in the 42 species nesting around the Archipelago, among which the Madeira Firecrest (one of the smallest birds in Europe, only 8 cm long), the Robin, a Finch species, the rare endemic “Trocaz”  Laurel Pigeon…

There is the possibility of observing colourful butterflies such as the Red Admiral, the Painted Lady and the  Postillon butterfly,  just to mention some…

Sometimes at the end of the walk, we have “special visitors”…

Along the “levada”, you can admire a waterfall, a heather forest, common broom, blueberries… and the famous Pride of Madeira.

Discover this Paradise  with your five senses: Madeira Island!

Rubina Vieira (Official Tourist Guides)

Photo Courtesy of Rubina Vieira