Looking for an unforgettable holiday? Only one step away from the European continent and 90 minutes from Lisbon  there is a destination that offers the ideal holiday with magnificent landscapes and friendly people.- Madeira

Madeira has a rich cultural heritage and we are proud to share it with our visitors.

We are an amalgam of descendants from mainland Portugal. Over generations we have a cultural heritage of music and folklore.

One of the most well-known musical instruments of Madeira is the Brinquinho. It plays a major role in our folklore.

The use of this percussion instrument became popular during the first half of the twentieth century, when many of the Madeiran folklore groups began to emerge.

The Brinquinho is used to hit the beat of folk music, specially the ” Bailinho”. It consists of a variable number of puppets made of wire and dressed in typical colourful costumes of Madeira. They are arranged in a circle on a wooden base resting on a reed, usually on two floors.

The male puppets are fitted with castanets hanging on their backs and soda caps are flattened and fixed under their feet.

The sound of these components is obtained by pulling a wire that runs through the inside of the cane and moves the puppets. At the top of the instrument is another figure ( or a pair ) clapping.

Everyday we sell innumerable/countless Brinquinhos as souvenirs to be taken all over the world by our visitors.

Join us for a few  days and take home the most peculiar instrument of Madeira folklore.

Darlene Perestrelo (Official Tourist Guide)


Photo Courtesy of Darlene Perestrelo, Aprender Madeira and Marla Castro