There is no reward greater than positive feedback from the travel agent, saying that everything was great and that all the guests were amazed by Madeira!


The results of the Austrian operation ran in Madeira for 8 weeks, between 28.04 and 23.06.2019 couldn’t be better. 180 seats on the plane, on average, 4 to 5 buses and Tourist Guides.

Thank you, Buzzpath and Raiffeisen Aktiv, for taking the time to send us your evaluation and permission to post it on our website. Thank you for choosing us and having trusted our services. Thank you so much for the opportunity given for taking part in this special moment by your side!

These flowers are for you!

Email sent from Buzzpath:

Good morning!

I thank you for your collaboration, dedication, and patience that have contributed to Raiffeisen’s success in Madeira!

The organisation said that they don’t remember a year like this, happy customers, no complaints, a real success, and none of this would be possible without you.

Your experience and excellent teamwork have made history in the Raiffeisen world.


I leave you the feedback from Raiffeisen CEO:

How time flies – Raiffeisen Aktiv Madeira 2019 made history.

I want to thank all those involved for the perfect cooperation.  Everything worked well.  Sabine was with me today and has only positive reports.

Plane always on time, a super hotel (please pass my compliments), top Tourist Guides, great buses, the weather was also perfect.  It was an ideal match.

I cannot remember any Raiffeisen Aktiv trip where we finished with no complaints.  Madeira 2019 did it.  The feedback from the many customers was very positive.

THANK YOU to ALL! What a great achievement!

Best regards,


Original email:

De: Joana Noronha <>
Date: terça, 25/06/2019, 09:55

Muito bom dia!

Venho por este meio vos agradecer imenso pela vossa colaboração, dedicação e muita paciência que contribuíram para o sucesso da Raiffeisen na Madeira!

A organização não se recorda de um ano como este, clientes felizes da vida, sem reclamações, um verdadeiro sucesso e nada disto seria possível sem vocês.

A vossa experiência e o excelente trabalho em equipa fizeram história no mundo da Raiffeisen.


Deixo-vos o feedback do CEO da Raiffeisen:

Wie die Zeit vergeht – Raiffeisen Aktiv Madeira 2019 ist Geschichte.

Ich möchte mich bei allen Beteiligten sehr herzlich für die perfekte Zusammenarbeit bedanken. Es hat alles wirklich Bestens funktioniert. Sabine war heute bei mir und hat wirklich nur positiv berichtet.

Flieger immer pünktlich, Hotel Super (bitte das Lob auch weiterleiten), Guides Top, Busse sehr gut, Wetter war auch sehr gut. Es hat einfach alles gepasst.

Ich kann mich an keine R-Aktivreise erinnern, wo wir komplett ohne Beschwerde geblieben sind. Madeira 2019 hat das (zumindest bis heute) geschafft. Feedback vieler Kunden war sehr, sehr positiv.

Nochmals DANKE an ALLE! Eine großartige Leistung!


Joana Noronha



Click on the link here.


Team Spirit | Team celebrates success at Montado do Pereiro


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