The famous Monte toboggan wicker sledges, are one the most picturesque means of transportation in the world. They were first  used in the mid 19th century and they were the “downhill” public transportation from the village of Monte to the city of Funchal.

Nowadays, these two-seater wicker sledges are used to transport thousands of tourists every year, seeking a ride full of emotions and adrenaline. This unforgettable experience, sliding down the hill for 2 km (around 10 minutes), along narrow steep roads, also offers splendid views over the city and the ocean.

The Monte wicker sledges glide on two wooden runners and are still traditionally hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen and master carpenters, experts in the hand wickerwork making technique. The sledges are pushed and steered by two sledge drivers called “Carreiros”. They are dressed in white, with their typical straw hats and rubber soled boots (they can use as brakes).

The ride starts just below the steps of the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Monte. It is an excellent complement to the cable car (going up from Funchal) and the visit of Monte Tropical Gardens!

Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

Tânia Tojal (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro