Madeira is the most important island of a group named MACARONESIA – “The Fortunate Islands”: A relict area for Tertiary species, which became extinct in Europe during ice ages. The “Laurisilva”, as it is called,  comprises the largest area of rare laurel forests (UNESCO 1999).

We invite you to discover this piece of Paradise, where you’ll find 1233 species. 157 are endemic to the Island.

On a “levada” walk, your eyes will be filled with the blue of the “Pride of Madeira”- Echium candicans, and your senses will be touched by the beauty of the tiny little orchid – Dactylorhiza foliosa… Or maybe your mind will be confused by the yellow violet – Viola paradoxa!

A real paradox is the amount of species you can find on a surface of 740 squares km!

A sort of enchantment has touched the gardens of this island, as the Quinta Jardins do Lago and The Palheiro Gardens, where plants from all over the world, fill our senses with scents and colours!

Colours jumped from the gardens into the city and painted the streets blue of the Jacarandas and yellow of the Tipuanas: The two colours represented on the flag of Funchal.

1928 species waiting for you in our gardens and a few thousands in Nature!

Can’t wait to share them all with you!

Teresa Costa (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Credit of Marla Castro