There are many beautiful spots on an island full of contrast like Madeira. To choose one is not the easiest of tasks.

Curral das Freiras is the name of the deepest valley of Madeira Island. It belongs to the Municipality of Câmara de Lobos and is situated  14km  from the capital city, Funchal. So close! But yet, once you get there you will have that disconcerting feeling of being transported to a different world. In thirty minutes!

The magnitude of the landscape is just overwhelming. Particularly from Eira do Serrado, the 3500 feet viewpoint that you can easily reach.

The one hour walk down to the village is a must . Nowadays, taken mainly by visitors, the path was once the only access from the small village to Funchal.

Curious about the name of this surprising place?

A Corral once inhabited by Nuns?

Not really!

In order to find that out you will have to go deeper into the history of this Island. Until then, please do suspect if you hear about pirate stories and volcano craters…

Don’t miss out!

Sónia Pereira (Official Tourist Guide)


Photo Courtesy of Sónia Pereira