On this island I love, Mother Nature created magical landscapes, some of them modified by the strong hands of its inhabitants.

So, from the deep narrow valleys, hilly farmed lands up to the highest peaks you may come across with astonishing images that you certainly will keep in your memory. That is the case of Fanal!

It is located between Ribeira da Janela and the plateau of Paúl da Serra and belongs to the municipality of Porto Moniz.

If the mist eventually arrives gently from the ocean, it soon  will unveil an unexpected landscape where beauty and peace go hand in hand in this mysterious place. Here you may find the ancient Til trees (Ocotea foetens), one of the species that composes the Laurisilva forest.

This spot is a natural inspiration connecting a far past to the present where you will be invited to feel the mountain breeze and hear the endless sound of silence.

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Eugénia Andrade (Official Tourist Guide)

Photo Courtesy of Marla Castro